What is Code Beats?

Code Beats is an introductory computer science learning toolkit that uses an open source sound board as its main programming interface. Our goal is to teach computer science basics in a fun and engaging  way using music mixing as a means to learn how to code.

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How it works

Create the Soundbox

You can create your own Code Beats soundbox by downloading our free open source 3D models and buying the parts from our partner educational site, AdaFruit.

Download the Software

Download Circuit Python to start coding beats into your soundbox. You should also download the starter code to test your soundbox and all its functionality.

Access the Lessons

Access the lesson plans and get started coding! Different lessons have different sound packs from violin sounds to hip hop beats, so make sure to check them all out.

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At Code Beats, we believe coding should be fun so we make our lesson plans fun and interactive for all students. We focus on making a curriculum that is not only fun, but also teaches about fundamental programming concepts.

Variables & If and Else
Algorithms & Functions
Loops & Indexes

Make your custom soundbox

starting from $60

Download our open source soundbox instructions and design files to 3D print or laser cut your soundbox case. You can buy the micro controller and buttons from our partner educational site AdaFruit.

Instructions and parts list coming soon...

Research Based

Code Beats is a project created by students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Code Beats' development was deeply influenced by current research on computer science education and music. Check out some of our favorite papers: